Despite being in Kochi, none of them turned up; Why didn’t the leading actresses of Sangeeta Laxman Malayalam film industry come to see Subi?

Hearing the news of the demise of actress Subi Suresh, many stars of the serial reached home to know about her condition. Many people still cannot believe that death. Many videos have already appeared on social media. All the comments below this are full of pain.

Those who had earlier worked with Subi also got the news of his death. But even though the leading actresses of Malayalam cinema were in Kochi, they did not come to Subi Suresh’s house. It has now been criticized by Sangeeta Laxman. Sangeeta responded by sharing a post through social media.

One of the most brilliant stage show artistes Kerala has ever seen, Malayalam’s first female standup comedian, who has entertained Malayalees across the world in many ways and in many ways, spreading positivity around her, who is like Surya Tejas. Jal Rahi, the actor who has been an integral part of the entertainment industry for two and a half decades, was watched with laughter by all.

After the death of Subi Suresh, why did none of the leading heroines, directors, producers and other prominent filmmakers from the Malayalam film industry come to pay their last respects and see him fondly? Why didn’t they do so even though many of them were in Kochi? What kind of people are they! Are! Suspicious words of Sangeeta 54:36

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