Death is only for the body, and is always in our hearts; daughter in memory of father

Vinay Prasad is an actress loved by Malayalees. The actress played notable characters. Vinaya has predominantly worked as a heroine in Kannada films. She has mainly worked in supporting actress roles. Her role in the Malayalam film Manichitrathar starring Mohanlal was much noticed.

Vinay Prasad’s development was supported by her director and editor husband VRK Prasad. But his career suffered a setback when fellow award winner Veer K Prasad died due to depression and alcoholism.

‘Death is only for the body… not for the soul… You are always in our hearts Papa, my guiding soul… It’s been 28 years since you broke up, but your love is still there.’ Taraputri has also shared a beautiful picture of her father playing with her in childhood.


Vinay Prasad was born in Udupi, Karnataka. He entered the acting field through a Kannada film released in 1988. He has acted in more than 60 films in Kannada and Malayalam. The actress won the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress in 1993.




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