Dear Bhavana Kerala welcomes you, your determination to return is a shining example of women’s struggle; Minister R Bindu praised

Malayali’s favorite star Bhavana is making a comeback in Malayalam with the film ‘Natikakkakuru Premandaran’. The film hit the theaters recently.

Many people came to congratulate Bhavna on her second tour. Bhavna was congratulated by many people in the political field.

Now the Higher Education Minister has come to congratulate Bhavna. R Bindu Higher Education Minister Dr. Who said this.

Welcome to Kerala, dear Bhavana! Through a Facebook note, the minister said, “I wish everyone, including my dear friend, producer Rajesh Krishna, the best of luck who stood by you.

Full version of Facebook post.

Bhawna’s determination to come back is a ray of hope in the struggles of women. Obstacles only! – This is the woman who takes care of her place without any hindrance until she gets tired.

A re-entry that proclaims that every girl is capable of building a life of self as seen in Shapanna and the women around her.

Welcome to Kerala, dear Bhavana! Greetings to everyone who stood by you, including my dear friend, producer Rajesh Krishna.
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