dazzling performance in magic; Dr. Tojo Varghese wins Merlin Award, a proud achievement

The Merlin Award, popularly known as the Oscar of Magic, has been announced. Malayali Dr. Tojo Varghese received the award. Tjo was selected from among 1,500 magicians to perform at the Bangkok International Magic Carnival in Thailand. Tojo Varghese receives the award from Tony Hassin, President of the International Society of Magicians. He has received many awards earlier also.

Tojo Varghese is the eighth person from India to achieve this feat. Earlier, Gopinath Mutukad and Samraj of Kerala had also achieved this feat. Now Dr. Tejo Varghese’s name has also come along with those names.

Tojo Varghese, who has performed magic at many places, has also performed his magic outside Kerala. Tojo got a chance to do magic shows in countries like America, Britain and Germany. He has already won more than 100 national and international awards. Of these, 125 is a record achievement.

Tojo has been awarded more than ten honorary doctorates for excellence in magic. Dr. Tjo Varghese has been a noted Psychiatrist for over 15 years

Dr. Tojo Varghese is a native of Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta. Parents are Varghese Thomas Mouli Thomas of Thiruvalla Kavam Part Thiparampil. Wife is Pinky Varghese. The children are Kate Lynn Miriam Verghese and Kellan Geevarghese.

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