Dad said he was a contract worker, but when it turned out he was a mercenary – Grace Anthony

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Dad said he was a contract worker, but when it came to light he was a mercenary: Grace Anthony

Actress Grace Antony is speaking out about what she said has been misrepresented in the media. Grace said that the father had taken the contract for the tiles but when he came for the interview, he was at the level of a laborer. In an interview with Dhanya Verma, Grace said that she is talking about how to change what has been said.

‘Father is a contractor doing tile work in all the houses. That’s how I specified it. But when it came to interview it went down to the level of a salaried person. We don’t say what emerges. This is a different side, if you want to call it that, it will go differently.

Both mother and father are artists. Amma used to sing and dance. But at that time there was no money to teach my mother to sing and dance, so she did not play. Papa will be happy and will dance. When we see papa break dancing, we stop and stare. When there were small functions in our country, father used to dance in sarees.

Papa plays so cool. Then Papa will dance to Michael Jackson. Grace said, “Father is the one who dances at any function in the family.”

Grace said that she had a very difficult family. ‘We are two girls at home. Mother has no work. Mother is a housewife. It is difficult to educate two girls on one person’s income.

What is the problem in this, meanwhile my dance fees are also coming. Dresses are expensive. And the rent of the dress, the rent of the jewelry, the make-up, the money given to the concert goers, all this cannot be managed. This is the biggest problem. But it can’t be left alone,’ said Grace.

Ingredients Highlight: Actress Grace Antony on what she said has been misrepresented in the media

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