Cycled to meet lover for five days; Finally the wish comes true and Sallu bhai gets hold of the lovely fan

Salman Khan is the Sallubhai of Bollywood. The star has fans all over India. Every fan wants to have a glimpse of Sallu and click a photo together.

Now the news of a fan riding a bike for kilometers to see the star is gaining momentum. The news of a fan riding a bike for five days to meet Salman Khan is gaining momentum.

This young fan cycled from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai to meet Salman Khan. Sameer intended to meet Salman personally on his birthday on 27 December.

Although his only goal was to meet Salman and wish him to come back, Bhagyam helps Sameer even further. Sameer was able to shoot with Salman Khan.

Pictures of Salman Khan with Sameer and Sameer’s bicycle are now going viral on social media. Along with the film going viral, discussions about the love of Salman Khan’s fans are also happening on social media.

Fans say that Sallubhai has made a place in the hearts of millions because he does not want to stop the fans who have come cycling many kilometers to see him.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan finally starred in Mohan Raja’s Godfather. It was a remake of the Malayalam film Lucifer. Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan is an upcoming movie of Salman.

It is the Bollywood remake of Ajith starrer Veeram. Katrina Kaif starrer Tiger 3 is also in line for Salman Khan. The star is also appearing in a cameo role in Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan.