criticism that the black heroine, the family is for the audience to sympathize and love

Many people are insulted because of their colour. Now, Zee Keralam is coming up with a serial about the problems a girl faces due to opium. This series is being criticized on social media.

The name of the serial is Shyamambaram. The promo video of this series has gone viral. Now social activist and Bigg Boss star Diya Sana has come up with a post against this series.

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Diya Sana asks if a heroine is brought in such a way that the family audience gets sympathy and love. There is also a promo video accompanying Diya’s post. Many people criticized the serial under Star’s post.

It has an aunt who says that if Shyama wants to get married she should stop wearing white paint, and a mother-in-law who says that the daughter-in-law should wear white which dulls her glow. Moon.

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