crashing off a steep cliff, falling headlong off a skateboard; If you are fan of sharing Pranav-starrer adventure videos then don’t watch this video

Pranav Mohanlal is one of the favorite young actors of Malayalam. Pranav, who has gained a huge fan base with very few films, prefers traveling to acting.

After completing a film, Pranav will travel for several days. The actor shared details of his journey on Instagram. Apart from travel details, Pranav also shares reels.

Pranav shared the first reel video on his Instagram account a few days back. It was a video about travel, adventure and music.

Now the social media is shocked to see the new video shared by Pranav. Pranav has shared a reel video of his favorite adventures including rock climbing and skating.

But this is characteristic of unsuccessful attempts. In the video, you can see him falling down a steep cliff and falling headlong off his skateboard.

Fans are surprised to see the video. Social media says that if you are a fan of the star then you should not watch this video. Anyway, this video has gone viral on social media.

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