counting how many years are left to get married; namita pramod on love

Namita Pramod is an actress coming from mini screen to big screen. At one time only Namita’s film was released. After this the actress took a break. Namitha, who was away from films for two years, is back with Eesho, directed by Nadirsha. Even when the actress was away from acting, she remained active on social media.

The actress is currently facing a question that when is the wedding. But Namita says that now nothing will happen in their marriage. This will happen after four years. The actor also says that he does not talk about getting married from home. Meanwhile, Namitha also talked about her childhood crush.

No more crushes. That changed when I got older. He had a crush on her while studying in LKG. Me and a relative of mine used to love Hrithik Roshan. I still remember that.

Then I used to count how many years were left for my marriage. As I am LKG or UKG, I cannot count and count. Namita says that she was waiting for a long time for the marriage.