Comparison of VFX of Marvel Movies and Avatar..; James Cameron’s comments are controversial

The wonderful world of Pandora and the world of a visually stunning story is reaching the audience again after many years. The second installment of Avatar, which moviegoers have been waiting for for over a decade, has finally hit the theatres. This time director James Cameron is taking the audience to the wonderful world under the sea. ‘Avatar – The Way of Water’ is releasing on 16 December.

Now James Cameron’s comment about visual effects in Marvel movies is noteworthy. The director says that Marvel’s VFX will not come close to Avatar. At the same time, a special screening of ‘Avatar 2’ was held in London on the previous day for critics and journalists. The film got good response. Critics say it is James Cameron’s best film.

The trailer of the film which was released earlier was well received. The trailer hints that the film is a stunning visual representation of the underwater world. The audience is also very excited about the long-awaited film hitting the theatres. James Cameron said in 2012 that there would be sequels to the film. The director also said that after the second part, the third, fourth and fifth parts will be released in the coming years.

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Meanwhile, actor and director Mohanlal said that the trailer of Burroughs’ Avatar 2, much-awaited by the Indian cinema audience, is likely to hit the theaters soon. Mohanlal said that the special effects of the film have to be edited now. The film is produced by Ashirwad Cinemas. It is now learned that the film will release by March next year.

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