Check out these pictures from the birthday party, do you see anything wrong?

Birthday pictures of a Bollywood star are going viral on social media. Many people are now criticizing it. Birthday cake is prepared in a very vulgar way. Bollywood fans say that such obscene performance has not been seen even in foreign countries and now when they come to know that it is Bollywood, they feel very sad.

The Bollywood industry has been facing a lot of criticism for the last few years. Many controversies including nepotism are haunting him. The general criticism is that he is giving opportunities to his fans in Bollywood. On the way, a person named Sushant Singh Rajput died.

Now the birthday celebration is over. The cake has been decorated in a very obscene manner. Not only this, many obscene acts are also done in the name of birthday celebration. Viewers are saying that our country has a culture and if we do something like this then it will be destroyed.

At the same time, many people are commenting below and saying that I was your big fan and now I will not be your fan. Meanwhile, these pictures have already gone viral on Twitter. Videos of Birthday Celebration are now available on YouTube. Because they are pornographic videos, they are not listed here. Anyway, it remains to be seen whether someone will file a case on their behalf.

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