Chaturam Udi is coming, waiting all over Kerala, the director has announced the release, do you know on which platform the film will be released?

Chaturam was one of the recently released films. Alencier and Swasika played central characters in the film. The film was released in November. But the film was not successful. Although the film received very good reviews from the audience. The film was released as an erotic thriller. Perhaps that’s why the family didn’t travel far for this film.

Now the online release of the film has been announced. It is known that the film will start showing online in the month of January. Swasika played the central character in the film. In this film, the actor played the role of Selina. The film is directed by Siddharth Bharathan. He also wrote the script of the film. A person named Vinay Thomas has also written the script of the film with him.

Meanwhile, the director himself has informed that the film will be released in January. The exact date has not been announced but it is known that the film will hit the theaters in the second week of January. Meanwhile, many people are eagerly waiting for this film.

It was one of the worst promotional strategy films in recent times. It is a very good thriller film. A movie where you can watch it without getting bored even for a second. But the film was marketed as a Shakeela film. Perhaps this is the reason why no one went to this film. But whoever saw it gave a very good opinion.

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