Caught by police that day, used to do illegal work during college days: Leena

Actress Leena openly says that she did illegal things during her studies. Everyone will be shown the paper when they sit for the exam. Leena says that she was caught by the police for driving without a license.

Despite being a rank holder, he has cheated in the exam. Everyone will be shown the exam paper. To do this the children used to feed them sweets. He has done illegal things while studying in college.

Once he was caught by the police for driving without a learner’s license. When he said that he was going to take the exam, the police asked to bring the vehicle in the evening. He told me about the arrest by the police at home.

When mother heard the name of the station, she first thought of the railway station. Leena says in an interview that when she realized it was the police station, she heard a lot of bad calls.

Meanwhile, Leena’s film ‘Analum Natalia’ has been released today. Several films are being lined up for the star. Leena has many films lined up like The Hope, Vanitha, Bandra, Oru Ratti Oru Pagal, Nancy Rani, Oh My Darling, Khali Purse Of Billionaires.

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