Can outside food be brought into the theatre? Supreme Court gave a decisive verdict

In general, people are going to theaters less now. There are two major reasons for that. The first reason is that there are very few such films which are a must watch. More movies are released which we can enjoy watching while sitting on our phones. That’s why people often shy away from spending money by going to the theatre. Meanwhile, if we have the money for one person’s ticket, we can watch the film through OTT platform for a month.

Another reason people hesitate to go to the theater is the cost. You need to pay a minimum of Rs 150 for a movie ticket. Then if you go to watch a movie as a family, you will get at least one thousand rupees immediately. Plus, if you’re buying snacks like popcorn and ice cream inside the theater, you might be selling out to your family. They must be charging a hefty amount for such things. The biggest problem is that outside food cannot be taken inside the theatre.

Now a decisive decision has come from the Supreme Court in this matter. The Supreme Court said that theater owners have the right to ban outside food. The Supreme Court now says that it has the power to ban not only food but also drink. But the Supreme Court also directed that cinema halls should provide clean drinking water free of cost.

Along with this, the court also said that the parents and elders accompanying the children can take sufficient quantity of food to eat inside the theatre. Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court had ordered that people who come to watch movies in theaters can take food and other drinks inside. The Supreme Court has now given a verdict from the High Court on the appeal filed against it. Supreme Court Chief Justice DY Chandrachud presided over the judgement.