Can lose sight anytime, it takes 20 thousand rupees to buy medicine: Actor Kishore’s life

Kishore is a family favorite. The other day, when he participated in Flavors 1 Crore, the actor talked about the tragedies he had faced in his life. Kishore shared that due to a medical condition, his body was always shaky and tired, he had to stay in the hospital every month and could not even go to work for a year and a half.

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In Tara’s words,

He felt unwell for the first time on a serial location. Then he went to a big hospital. When the checkup was done, they checked the liver as they suspected a problem. Then he found that there was a slight opposite. Took medicine for some time. He was treated in that hospital for a year and a half. He had stopped acting at that time. Couldn’t walk at all and was trembling. Earlier the money for the treatment was in his savings. Later the organization and friends helped. When he had no money in hand, he went to the medical college.

This is where the real problem is revealed. A cyst inside the pituitary gland. This was the main problem. Thyroid was too much. That development comes in the eye. Now the growth has reached near the vein of the eye. You can see whenever you want. Eye and cyst growth should be checked every month. taking steroids That’s why sugar cannot be controlled. Initially, the cost of treatment was Rs 2 lakh per month. Now about 20 thousand rupees are spent on buying medicine and another amount is spent on scanning. Kishore said.

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