Came into the room escaping from his mother, then misbehaved; Mahima told about the bad experience of the lead actor on social media and searched for that lead actor

Mahima is a well-known star of Malayalam people through film serials. The actor has acted in several films.

The actor has acted as a co-star and the central character. Apart from films, the actor is also active in serials.

Now the actress has told about the bad experience she got from a hero while acting in the film.

In an interview given to a YouTube channel, the actor narrated his ordeal. One day the lead actor came to my room and misbehaved. Mahima says that finally she had to let him go out of the room.

“Once upon a time there was an actor who used to play hero in films and make fun of people with comic characters.

I have worked with him. Later I got to work with him once as part of the show.

He came to my room. My mother was with me.

He avoids his mother and enters the room saying that the director is calling. I spoke to him very politely. Mahima says that at last she had to leave the room.

The actress says that when he misbehaved after coming in the room, he said that I am not the kind of person you want.

Because of him, I turned down the offer. The actress says that because of such people, I have lost my chances.

After the revelation of the actress, the social media is trying to find out who the actress is. The names of many actors are being discussed on social media.

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