But let’s be honest, the whole family is offended when we say that – did you hear Tosh Christie? Onlookers wonder if it just started like that

Tosh Christie is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalam people. His wife is Chandra Laxman. These two serials are capturing the love of Malayalees through the sector. Everyone got married two years back. Both met on the set of their respective series Sujata and then fell in love with that acquaintance and then this love reached marriage. Today they are leading a happy married life.

Both were followers of two religions, but their families were not against their marriage. Both were happily married. Recently a boy has been born in their house. She shares every small and big detail of her son through her YouTube channel. At the same time, many kinds of rumors are being spread in the name of Chandra.

Tosh is now reacting to a piece of gossip that hurt him. In an interview given to IndiaGlitz media, he disclosed all these things- “A painful incident happened after the birth of the child. We have a youtube channel. Sometimes interviews are given. But there are some media people who write anything to get clicks. Chandra once posted a status. The condition was given as post partum recovery mode. But some online media termed it as postpartum depression. They gave the news by putting our photo. Underneath that they tell the news of the baby being a mother” – says Tosh.

“There was a lot of gossip during the marriage. But this is not a big problem for us. But there should be some awareness when talking about babies. Also don’t post anything to increase the reach of the channel. It’s like tearing a man to pieces. That one incident had created a lot of trouble. But other things don’t care like that. It was an incident that caused a lot of pain to our family members as well” – added Tosh. At the same time, a section of the audience is asking whether Jada has started talking like this now. But another section of the audience says that there is nothing cold in it and it is enough just to see what a father who has a sense of purpose is saying.

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