But Alit already knew; Artie about the surprise she planned for Rob’s birthday

At least one news story of Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan and Arathipodi appears on social media every day. In a very short span of time, these stars have made their place in the list of celebrities. If Robin gained attention through Bigg Boss, Arathipodi was the person who came to interview Robin. Later Aarti also started going viral.

Aarti is one such personality who entered the business field at an early age. Aarti had already made it clear that she wants to become a business girl. The actor revealed that his family is very supportive of his wishes.

Today Robin is there to support everything. What more does Aarti want? It was learned that their engagement would happen next month. Earlier, Aarti had prepared a wonderful surprise for Rob on his birthday. Robin now says that he was shocked to see it.

Such birthday surprise aarti was prepared with great difficulty. But Robin already knew about this from Aarti’s parents. Robin says that he was really happy to see it. When I got to know that Aarti has prepared a surprise, I was expecting a hole and small decorations. But when I went it was a big event. At first we thought they must have gone, so the car started going back and only then we saw our people there. Robin said that he didn’t expect that much.