Both have two lives, and this is our job; Nalif Zia and Aishwarya Ramzai open up about love

Naleef Jia and Aishwarya Ramsay are the stars who have made a place in the hearts of the Malayalam audience through a serial called Mounaragam. This was his first Malayalam series. Both of them appear in the character of Kiran Kalyani in this serial. Viewers like this pair a lot.

Sometimes their names appeared in the gossip columns. There were reports that he is in love and will get married soon. But both came to the spot denying that thing. Now he has shared the details during the interview. He answered the question whose love is in it.

When asked which one of you is in love, both of you said that you are single. ‘I’m not in love, I’m cronit single. If anyone is interested in love, send two photos and resume below.

‘We are two friends. Both people have two lives. This is our job. But if you feel like watching it, then it is our effort and acting,’ Naleef said. It is being seen in Wikipedia and others that he is 32 years old. I am only 26 years old. Aishwarya is 23,’ Naleef said.

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