Bleeding from the nose on reaching home on the third day after going up and down from the railway station; On losing his father, actor Manish says it was due to his lack of focus

Manish Krishnan is an actor who has acted in many serials. He has acted as a villain and a hero. Manish came in the serial after his father. Now Manish’s talk about his father’s death is making headlines. The actor says that within two weeks of his first serial, his father passed away.

He had suffered two heart attacks. But the father had no weaknesses of his own. My father was driving when the third attack happened. When the pain started, my father reached the hospital and was admitted there.

From there my father called the first director. He was the one who called us to give this information. When he went and saw, there was nothing wrong with his father. That’s what my father said. So the operation is over. There was no significant problem after the operation. Two weeks after the operation, my father said that we would go home now, and when we got there, my brother would go to take the test. I would have acquaintances to sit and chat with.

But we were told not to climb the stairs and there would be no other problem so we decided to go home. The train ticket was booked. The train arrives at the next platform of the railway station. But there was not even a wheelchair to go beyond the station. Train time is drawing near.

My father said no problem, I will climb the stairs. So he slowly took one step at a time and went down and reached the next platform. Then on the third day blood started coming out from the father’s nose. He was taken to the nearest hospital. Two weeks after such an operation, one should not even get up without assistance. “We didn’t have that knowledge and the pain of losing my father is still there,” the actor said.

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