Binu has a lot of stories behind this, and it only becomes clear after a while – Anna Ben

There are many stories behind Binu, and only after a while one thing becomes clear: Anna Ben

Actress Anna Ben talks about her character in the film Kappa. Anna said that there is a story behind Binu’s character and it is not understood in the beginning of the film. Anna Ben talks about Kappa in an interview with Variety Media.

It follows the journey of the character Binu. What are they and what is their purpose, it is not understood in the beginning. Why certain things happen in this film becomes clear only after a while. The character seen in the trailer is not actually in the film. There are many stories behind them. In fact all its characters are like that. All the characters have lots of back stories.

Always try not to play the same characters. I get many variations of Kappa. Very interesting character. All my combination scenes were with Asifika. Not with Aparna and Prithvi. It was a lot of fun acting with Asifika. We enjoyed the work.

The entire shooting was in Thiruvananthapuram. Should have caught some Trivandrum slang. I don’t have it at all. I’m a true whipper. I speak Kochi Vipin Malayalam. But it was said that the character should be based in Trivandrum. There are certain words that come up regularly in Kochi. Sometimes it just all comes naturally. Shaji Saheb will say no, cut it, it is not ours. So there were some improvements,’ Anna said.

Prithviraj’s Kappa hit the theaters last December 22. Recently the film was also released as an OTT release. But after the OTT release, big trolls stood up against Anna’s character Binu. Criticisms and trolls observed that the character of Binnu, the leader of a gangster gang, did not make the desired impact. Similar criticisms were also leveled against the character Pramila, played by Aparna.

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