Bigg Boss offered crores bigger than Coca-Cola, the reason for rejecting it- Mammootty

Bigg Boss offered crores bigger than Coca Cola, reason for rejecting it: Mammootty

Mammootty has clarified the reason behind rejecting the advertisement opportunity of Bigg Boss and Coca Cola which offered him crores of rupees.

Mamuka said that after a while she would start getting breathless and she could not do it. Mammootty was speaking in an interview to the media under the promotion of Nanpakal Neerath Mayakk.

Mamuka was not the first person to be called as the host in Bigg Boss, rather the star was answering the question why Coca Cola commercials that offered crores of rupees were rejected.

‘There are no grand principles. Bigg Boss offered me more crores than Coca Cola, but I refused because if I added it, it was not enough. I thought this is not correct. Because in the end you have to hold your breath. It was a great offer. Ask its people and you will know. No one else in the world can even think like this. Mammootty said, ‘I am such a brat.

Nanapakal Nerath Mayakkum Lijo is a film written and directed by Jose Pellissery, starring S. Mammootty stars in Harish’s screenplay. The film follows the journey of James with his family to Velankanni through the changes that happen along the way.

Asokan, Ramya Pandian, Ashwanth Ashok Kumar, Girish Perinchiri, Sanjana Deepu etc. have played other important roles in the film. The film is produced by Mammootty Company and Amen Movie Monastery. The cinematography of the film is done by Theni Easwar.

Ingredients Highlight: Mammootty clarifies the reason behind turning down Bigg Boss and Coca Cola endorsement opportunities

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