Big Boss Aparna’s name on social media is ‘Ulta Nariyal’, do you know the meaning of this name? There’s a reason why the actor decided to teach English through social media

Aparna Mulberry is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Though the actor was born as a foreigner, his biggest attribute is that he speaks Malayalam better than Malayalees. Aparna says that when she was studying in Kerala, she had to face a lot of teasing from children because she did not know Malayalam when she was young, but she learned Malayalam in two years. Aparna says that the actor decided to participate in the Bigg Boss program even thinking that he would get a chance to speak Malayalam.

Meanwhile the actor is quite active on social media. The social media name of the actress is Inverted Coconut. It means inverted coconut. Do you know why the actor chose such a name? There is a big story behind this.

We all know that there are many Malayalees living in America. There is a name that the people of Kerala call people coming to America from Kerala. Such people are called coconuts. It is possible to know that they are called this because they come from the country of Keram Thinnam. In Aparna’s case it is the opposite. Aparna is a person who came to Kerala from America. This is said to be the reason why the actor has adopted the name Talathiriya Tenga in his social media profiles.

All these things were revealed by the actor in an interview given to a women’s magazine. Not only is the actor very active on social media, but the actor also runs an English tutoring course. The actor teaches English to thousands of Malayalees every year. There is another reason behind why the actor decided to teach English. Aparna says that the actor started this class to repay the debt of teaching her Malayalam.