Bhishmaparvam and Lucifer show MDMA, so no case can be made out against them; Omar Lulu says he’s purposely targeting me

After a lawsuit was filed against the trailer of the new film Nalla Samad, director Omar Lulu has reacted to the issue.
Director Omar Lulu said that there have been many films in Malayalam promoting the use of MDMA in the past and this is a targeted attack against his film.

Umar asks Bhishmaparvam and Lucifer showing MDMA and why no case has been registered against them. I don’t even know whether the news is true or not. I have not received any notice from the excise yet,” said Umar.

This is not a film made to promote MDMA. Every day news related to this issue comes in the newspaper. It is presented as a scene in the society saying that so many grams have been taken.

It is not only in our film that it is shown for the first time. Bhishmaparvam and Lucifer also contain MDMA. Umar also asks that there was no case against him.

It is heard that there is a complaint that the film should be shelved. I don’t know why it is only against my film. A film named Idukki Gold came out. Was there a case against it? The film Honey Bee.

Then why are you targeting me? It seems you are purposely targeting me. Here there is court and there is trust in court.

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