Bhavna had something to tell Manju Warrier about him; musical notes

Advocate Sangeeta Lakshna is an active person on social media. Sangeetha talked about many stars of Malayalam cinema. Now Sangeeta has shared a post about actress Bhavna and Manju.

It is heartening that the audience can see the milieu of Malayalam cinema which has been tarnished by actors Manju Warrier and Bhavana. What I said is based on facts. read carefully; First let’s explain the cinematographer’s imagination; There is no doubt that Dileep, Kavya and Bhavna were close friends since a long time.

If what she says in Bhavna’s case documents is true, then Dileep has enmity with her because she was involved in Dileep and Manju Warrier’s marriage. Did the woman have any reason for doing this? When she was having fun playing the heroine of Dileep’s benevolent oants, when she and Kavya were like flies, did Manju Warrier need to go and tell them about them? If Bhavna was convinced that the relationship between Dileep and Kavya was an unholy alliance, then as best friends of both, she tried to understand them and guide them on the right path.

If Dilip and Kavya are not ready to accept then leave them alone. Assume that once they get a job, they will learn and move forward in life. Without doing so, why did this spirit have any love or lust for Dileep or go with the strategy of ‘kill her and leave her alone’ to pull and break Manju Warrier’s tie at home? A love story about cinematographer Bhavna’s Dileep has the quality of only a few third-rate love triangles.

Only half a dozen people like me went through the case documents and clarified the general stand regarding Bhawna the film actress assault case which later turned into ‘victim/survivor’. As I have already said much on that subject, I will not repeat it here. What an uproar in the country when imaginative gaiety that paid nothing announced the shipport into cyberspace! Are! I knew that more than 300 cyber-warriors and their fake IDs were propagated through fiction in mainstream/social/online media.

If this is not true, then think about it; After a gap of 5 years, Bhavna’s new film hit the theaters yesterday. Then when we hear what really happened, we will be shocked, shocked and shocked, shocked and fainted! On the day of the film’s release, the shows were also canceled in Kochi and Kozhikode theaters as there were not enough audiences to screen the show! What? If only local women and Bhawna’s cyberheads had gone and seen the film, their film should have collected crores on the third day. It did not happen. What? What are you really feeling?

The fact that the show has been canceled after cinematographer Bhavna’s return to Malayalam because there weren’t enough viewers to screen the new film pains me. Now about Manju Warrier; There is a preface. Don’t defend me by blocking my son Anandu’s Facebook post about me to speak some facts about Manju Warrier. Don’t bring my son Ananthu, who survived a heart attack at the age of 35 due to his addiction to alcohol and smoking, unable to bear the emotional strain of paternal devotion. He does not deserve any admission here. But what Manju Warrier’s daughter Meenakshi has to say about her mother, we are yet to hear and know.

We don’t know what Meenakshi Mol would have to say if she were to write a Facebook post about her mother being determined to stay with her father instead of moving in with her. And so, it is not a level playing field. So avoid it. Avoid Anandu here. read again;

If the title of ‘Lady Superstar’, which Manju Warrier earned by selling herself as a mercenary, was a reality, shouldn’t her films be in the Box Office Kodiclub? Has she been a part of at least one film since her comeback which can be described as making history in Malayalam cinema? No, no, no. I believe that woman was acting in her life even when she was away from acting in films and staying at home as Dileep’s wife. If Malayalam’s upcoming single female superstar Ketilamma was convinced that her husband Dileep’s affair with Kavya Madhavan was not soul-friendly, she should have approached the family court. What should have been done was that she should not have fled to Mumbai with Sreekumar Menon leaving her daughter at her husband’s house. Hence director Srikumar Menon came to the position of adulterer/second respondent in the divorce petition filed by Dileep in the Family Court. After Manju Warrier agreed to settle the divorce petition filed by Dileep in court without fighting or confronting him, the two sought divorce by mutual consent and later approached the court and got divorced. Convinced that she does not have a strong case against Dileep before the court, Manju Warrier is ready to compromise if the case filed against her by Dileep goes ahead and informs the outside world about her errant relationship with Sreekumar Menon. Will get to know.

In this way, the great actress Manju Warrier got divorced and this reality has been understood by understanding and sensible people. Manju Warrior, who leaves the family court and sits in the car crying, is a dancer! The truth is that Manju Warrier used her misadventures, buying the media to propel her knights well across the board. Malayalam Feminichis and Cybermala to swallow the victim’s argument without touching the water! Are! Manju Warrier, the ‘lonely female superstar of Malayalam’ who has lost her acting prowess, rests on a false image that she has created by covering up many things. The gist of what has been said is this; Manju Waryar’s pre-marital, marital, extra-marital and post-marital life is an insult to Malayali womanhood. His present life has been obtained luxuriously and dishonestly. There is nothing like this in the life of Manju Warrier, a theater actress, film actress, a good example for Malayalam women. If anyone thinks that Manju Warrier is a role model for Malayali women, then this assumption has no legal and moral basis. No, people who have even an iota of common sense will understand that there is logic and clarity in what I am saying.

In fact ‘Manju Warrier and Bhavana – Her Personal and Acting Life’ should be researched as a dissertation topic. What role model and contribution have these two playwrights made to Malayali womanhood? any takers?

# please pay attention; It is enough to see the trailer of the film ‘Ayesha’. Even if it comes on OTT, I will not watch it. Kammarasambhavam, My Santa, Jack and Daniel, Keshu E Dimna Nathan, Thattasari Khoom I will not watch these movies even if they beat me to death. When the film ‘Nata Ikkakkak Uru Pranamahi’ comes on OTT, you can watch it at home while applying nail polish on your fingers or chopping vegetables. This is my ship for shading fantasy!

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