bhakti nihanam malikappuram; Unnimukundan and the audience climb the mountain with the children – Malikappuram Review

Malikappuram is a new movie directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar starring Unni Mukundan. When it comes to the first reactions of the film it is understandable that the family audience has captured the film.

Telling the story of an eight-year-old girl’s innocent devotion to Ayyappan, the film is a thrilling entertainer with all the commercial ingredients blended in just the right way.

Malikappuram tells the story of eight-year-old Kalyani and her superhero Ayyappan. The plot of the film is about the journey of a girl who wants to climb Sabarimala and meet Ayyappan.

Kalyani, played by child artist Devanand, plays a titular role in the film. Living with his father, mother and grandmother in a very modest background, Devanand’s biggest wish is to go to Sabarimala and pray to Ayyappan.

After listening to his grandmother’s stories, Devanand thinks that Ayyappan is a superhero. Devananda has a great desire to go see Ayyappan. But the family is in for a shock which breaks this wish of Devanand.

The plot of the film is about a ride to Sabarimala with his friend Piyush without any adult help and the events that follow.

The film begins with the narration of Megastar Mammootty. The first half is the story of Ajayankutty and his family, played by Saiju Kurup. Kalyani is the daughter of Ajayankutty.

In the first part, there is a conflict between Kalyani’s desire to go to Sabarimala and Ajayankutty in between. The first half progresses with an emphasis on humor and songs.

The character of Ajayankutty, a villager, was safe in the hands of Saiju Kurup. Ramesh Pishardi played a big role in making the first half a success.

Ranji Panicker, TG Ravi and Sreejith Ravi did well. In the second half of the film, the story goes into some conflict. In the second part, Devanand is riding to Sabarimala with his companion Piyush without the help of adults.

The story of the film progresses through the children. Both the comedy scenes and the emotional scenes are performed with great grace. The performance of the kids starring Kalyani and Piyush is garnering a lot of applause.

The film takes a different course with the entry of Unni Mukundan’s character. The dance scenes and fight scenes are well done. In the second half, Unni Mukundan makes the film his own with his performance. Vishnu Shashi Shankar has made the film without any of the shortcomings of the debutant director.

The backbone of Malikappuram is the solid screenplay. Abhilash Pillai has written the screenplay of the film. The screenplay of the film leaves you in awe at first sight. Some twists in the script make the film more interesting.

The cinematography of the film is getting accolades. Vishnu Narayanan’s camera played a huge role in capturing the devotion and dreams of an eight-year-old girl.

Vishnu Narayanan’s camera has beautifully captured the beauty of the villages and the scenes of struggle in the night. Ranjin Raj’s music helps the audience imbibe the emotion of the film.

Ranjin Raj effortlessly takes the viewers into the magical world of devotion, struggles and anxieties. Unni Mukundan had given a guarantee for the film even before its release. This guarantee is 100% true for the viewers while watching the movie. It is hundred per cent sure that the family audience will accept the film with open arms, which has reached the end of 2022.

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