Before this, Ajit and Vijay have come face to face 12 times, do you know with whom Jayam was? Will history be corrected this time?

Ajith and Vijaya are two of the most favorite stars of the Malayalees. Both of them have not worked in any Malayalam film till now and they have worked only in Tamil films. Still both have a lot of fans in Kerala. Earlier Ajit was known as Shalini’s husband but today Shalini is known as Ajit’s wife.

Meanwhile, Vijay is one of the most acclaimed actors in Kerala. His opening day records have often come in situations where even Mammootty and Mohanlal could not break them. If you ask who is the most acclaimed actor in Kerala, most people will answer Vijay. He has created such a fan base in Kerala.

Now after many years two of his films are releasing on the same day. Ajith starrer Tuneev and Vijay starrer Waaris are releasing on the same day. Not only the fans but also the common movie lovers are watching their encounter with great interest.

Before this, both of their films have been released 12 times in a single week. Sometimes it will be issued on the same day. Or the release will be a day or two apart. So when the two met the first 12 times, who won the most? The report has now been posted by a person in a social media group. Read the viral post by Rahul Madhavan:

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