Before taking the shot, Ika asked if he could stand a little further and was refused.

‘Before taking the shot, Ika asked if he could stand a little further, he said no.’

TV Danny is a 2002 film directed by Chandran. Mammootty and Vaani Vishwanath are playing lead roles in the film. Mammootty acted in two getups in Danny. Cameraman KG shares fun experiences he had with Mammootty while shooting for the film. Jayan.

In an interview to Master Bin channel, Jayan said that if instructions were given to Mammootty before taking the shot, he would not listen to them, but would do as he was told while taking the shot.

‘While shooting a scene with Danny, Ika asked if she could go to the other side. To adjust the composition in the frame. Puli said that I am not comfortable. And did not go to give strength. But he has something special. We will see where to stand. Then it will come out right there while taking the shot. All I’m saying is that I’m not comfortable. Mamuka has good camera sense. What lens will it be looking for. Ask which one is cooler.

Danny only has a close-up shot of Mammootty. Lighting is done for that shot. The light is set up by placing two thermocouples at the bottom. Puli said it is not right. I asked what happened. I was told that if I kept the lights on like this, it would cause puffiness under my eyes, would make me look very old, and that I should change it. I changed it immediately.

Now Mammootty is doing age approved roles. Sometimes you will also get to see problems regarding age at that time. Those who are heroes have to be converted into old characters. Jayan said, it is a difficult time for all artistes.

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