Bashir releases baby’s name and photo, then starts new account on Instagram and YouTube

In the past, the third baby of social media star Bashir Bashi came. A boy was born. After Basheer’s wife became pregnant, he used to inform the fans about everything. The good news was first released by his wife Suhana. It was a cesarean section. Now for the first time both have released the name and photo of the child. The child’s name is Muhammad Ibran Basheer. Meanwhile, Baby has started a new Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Bashir first shared the photo from his son Muhammad Abraham Bashir’s page and wrote, ‘Hello world, I am new here’. Fans expressed their happiness that the baby face was released soon. Also, criticism is coming as the new account was started just after the birth of the child. Some are even asking whether Mashura has given birth to a child for Instagram.

Some people say that they will make money from the child. Earlier, there was a lot of criticism after Mashura’s pregnancy was shown. The video was shared from the time she found out she was pregnant to her hospitalisation, criticizing that it was all about the money.

Meanwhile, Bashir talks about his family life after joining Bigg Boss. He got a lot of support after coming out and starting a YouTube channel. Basheer, who has two wives, was immediately noticed.

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