Baiju insults Indrans, that too twice.

Indrans is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He started his career with comedy roles. He was once one of the stars who faced the most body shaming. May be he is used to hearing all this and now he is not reacting to it and if someone body shames him then Indrans is speaking like that he justifies them. But the audience tells Indrans that this is not true and we should react against such things.

Now Baiju Santosh is speaking against Indrans. When he says against it, he speaks in a very funny manner. He and Indran have previously worked together in several films. In such a situation, it can be understood that they are very close friends. Baiju must be saying these things keeping that friendship inside. But the audience says that even in jest nothing should be said against Indran’s brother.

Baiju Santosh says that Indrans has received two awards and has not received even one yet. He tells how the first award was signed and how Indran has great influence in the government. He said this in a program related to the promotion of the film Anandam Paramanandam. Not only this, now the audience is saying that once again a statement insulting Indran’s brother came from his side.

A few days back Minister Vasavan had made derogatory remarks against Indrans. But Baiju justifies the incident by saying that he did not think Indrans was to blame and that is everyone’s style. Baiju said that he did not intend to insult.