Baburaj’s son’s engagement to his first wife; Baburaj from the front row at the wedding, his second wife Vani Vishwanath not attending the ceremony – video

Actor Baburaj’s son Abhay Baburaj has got engaged. Gladys is the bride. Only close relatives and friends attended the engagement ceremony.

Abhay is the son of Baburaj’s first wife. He has two children from his first wife. Abhay and Akshay. Baburaj was in the front row during the entire marriage ceremony.

It was Baburaj who took charge of the conduct of all the ceremonies in place of his father. Even though the marriage has broken down, Baburaj is being lauded on social media for taking his father’s place.

Meanwhile, his second wife Vani Vishwanath did not attend the ceremony. Baburaj had two children with actress Vani Vishwanath. The kids are named Archa and Aromal.

Many did not know that Baburaj had been married twice. Even those who knew him did not know who was the first wife. Viewers saw Babu Raj’s first wife after the engagement video surfaced.

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