Avatar as Avatar 2, an astonishing feat; And James Cameron assures one more!

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ went on to record collections as the film hit the theaters on December 16 and earned Rs 12,341 crore at the global box office. Among the films released last year, at this time Avatar 2 is at number one in the collection.

James Cameron has said that Avatar 2 needs to raise at least $2 billion to recover from its losses, but only to make sequels. James Cameron has now confirmed that an Avatar sequel will happen anyway.

Cameron and his team have completed shooting for Avatar 3. What remains is post production, including visual effects. The writing of parts four and five has been completed. And the shooting of some parts of the fourth part has also been completed.

The global collection of Avatar 1 was $2.91 billion (approximately Rs 24,000 crore). The second part has been built at a cost of $ 460 million (about Rs 3800 crore). Paani Ka Raasta is the sequel to Avatar which released thirteen years ago.

The film follows the afterlife of the Sully family on Pandora, consisting of Jake, Netri, and their children. The story is about how the villain and his gang who turn into sailors attack them and how Sulis fights back.

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