At that time my only support was Navya; Prithviraj on my first teacher, the actress

Nandanam was a film that was welcomed by the Malayalees with open arms. Prithviraj and Navya Nair were heroines in it. Both got opportunities after the film came into limelight. Prithviraj worked in the film at the age of 20. But Navya Nair has worked in other films before this. So, Navya was a more experienced person then. At that time it was Navya Nair who told Prithviraj more about acting. The video in which Prithviraj once talked about this is now going viral.

Prithviraj said that one person who came into cinema without knowing anything, it was Navya who taught him the childhood lessons of cinema. I was a very reluctant actor. When I got ready for acting and reached the sets of the film, I thought it was a boring event.

One day Revathi sister called me and said that you are a good actor. And only Navya used to give me comfort on the sets. Navya was the only person of my age. The actor said that it was Navya who taught me for the first time that this is not the way to stand in front of the camera.

Meanwhile, Navya Nair had earlier talked about this in an interview as well. After Nandanam, Navya and Prithviraj later worked together in films such as Ammakkilikud and Vellithira. These pictures also made a lot of headlines.

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