At that time I lost interest in living and thought what is the best way to die suddenly – Swasika

At that time he lost interest in living and thought what a way to die suddenly: Swasika

Actress Swasika says that when there were no films, she used to have thoughts of suicide. Swasika said that after a stage she could not do anything and stayed at home and then started looking for a way to die. In an interview to Vanitha, Swasika said that she regained herself through meditation and yoga and came back to her dreams through serials.

After the film ‘Vaiga’, she acted in three Tamil films and Malayalam Prabhu’s Makkal, Ayalum and Nahumum Kemku. Later the opportunity did not come. Neither studies nor movies. I lost interest in living. I thought, what is the solution to sudden death? It seemed that tomorrow some car would come and hit me.

My friends are busy studying. I am just wasting my time by saying that it is a film. The routine was to wake up in the morning and sit in the house. Gotta get out of this, the feeling was strong. Started practicing meditation and yoga. Those were the days when I started healing myself.

It was at that time that Mazhavil was called for the Dattuputri serial in Manorama. I didn’t know where to start, so I chose serials. It was a new beginning. The despair is gone. If it’s a movie, it’s a movie, and if it’s a soap opera, it’s a soap opera.

Later Sita serial also became a super hit. And the opportunity came in the film as well. It is a matter of good fortune that I am able to carry the film and the serial together. not everybody gets.

That was the age. Will be happy and sad together. At that time I thought of committing suicide. Now I can understand how stupid it is. Try to get what you want. Understood that it would happen. Now believe that truth. That’s what drives it,’ Swasika said.

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