At that time I felt that this mole would be spicy; Katapram about actress Samyukta Verma

Sathyan Anthikad directed the film again Some Domestic Affairs. The screenplay was by Lohidas. It was also the debut film of Malayalam’s favorite actress Samyukta Varma. After this, the actress got few opportunities in Malayalam itself. After marriage, the actress stayed away from acting. Later, the actor made a comeback through commercial films. Despite getting many opportunities from acting, Samyukta did not decide to work in the film.

Now the words of lyricist Kaitparam Damodaran Namboodiri about Samyukta are going viral. Katpram composed the songs for Samyukta’s debut act.

I was there during the shoot. I was there when the first shot of that child was taken. I thought this mole would come soon. So I was familiar with that mole. Samyukta was a big gift of that film. That’s when they realized the boy would be an asset, he said.

He talked about Samyukta while speaking on Safari TV’s program ‘History Through Me’. Earlier, Katpram’s talks about Manjuvaryas also went viral.

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