At first it was difficult to do, and now I am; Aarti Podhi answers the question whether she is comfortable with Rob

Robin Radhakrishnan is a well-known actor to the Malayalam miniscreen audience. Social media influencer and doctor Robin has been getting noticed ever since he entered Bigg Boss.

Since the entry in Bigg Boss, the number of fans of the star is increasing. Robin is one of the most viral contestants in the history of Bigg Boss.

Even though Rob was ejected from the show for assaulting a fellow contestant, the star’s fan base hasn’t diminished.

Despite being eliminated from the show, many good lucks have come for the star.

Today Robin is all set to make his debut as a director and actor. He also found his bride-to-be Aarti Podhi after the show.

After Bigg Boss, Aarti, who came as host in an interview given by Robin, first became friends and later they decided to get married. It is learned that they will get engaged in February.

Both are active on social media. The details shared by the stars are picked up by the fans and go viral. But some pictures and videos shared after the friendship of both made a lot of headlines.

Seeing their video that surfaced for the first time, many people felt that Aarti was not very comfortable with Robin. Few people shared this opinion.

Now the stars have answered this doubt of the fans. Aarti spoke openly about this in an interview given to Behindwoods channel.

My old profile says my family time business and things like that. I have not put any relationship status publicly. Many people have asked me why I was so uncomfortable in the first video my brother and I made,

To be honest, I am posting such couple videos for the first time. When I do this, I wonder whether it is okay to wear it or not. Aarti said it is not because I do not like it.

This is my first time to do such work. Now I am all that. He used to do everything. So I don’t mind anymore. At that time I faced some difficulties in doing it for the first time. Aarti said that this is the reason why she felt so after seeing the pictures.