As the mother of Dilepetan, as the mother of Lalithan, I will not obey even if I am a fool. actress yamuna says

Yamuna is an actress who has acted on the big screen and mini screen. The actor’s second marriage had been the subject of much discussion on social media. The actress had earlier said that she married Devan only with the full consent of her children.

Now they are leading a happy family life. This actress is active in acting even after marriage. Actors often share pictures of their family. Now these things of Yamuna are going viral.

The actress says that even when she was young, her mother used to do roles. She became the mother of Dilepetan. She played the role of Lalton’s childhood mother in the film Ustad. Then he was only 19 years old. Now I am 45 years old. I say it with pride. A lot of people comment on my Instagram and stuff. Does this joke have any other function?

Even if it is false, I will not accept it. This is what I have decided. I will no longer accept anyone who calls me Kilvi. I have no problem telling my age. I am proud to be like this even at the age of 45. My children also say the same. Yamuna said that he used to say that Amma should always sit like this.

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