Aryan and Nora in love; Truth in the news going viral

Dubai: A hot news spread in Bollywood that Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan and actress and dancer Nora Fatehi are in love.

Pictures and videos from Aryan and Nora’s Dubai vacation had earlier gone viral online. Although these were not pictures together, they were pictures from the same party.

Along with this, there was also gossip that Nora had attended this party with Aryan and Aryan and Nora are dating. This news spread widely in Bollywood.

Earlier pictures of Nora with Aryan’s sister Suhana Khan and filmmaker Karan Johar at a party in Dubai were shared online. After reading this the social media said that both are in love.

But BollywoodLife reports that this love story is fake. Close friends of both were present in that party. BollywoodLife reports that there is nothing further.

As per a report in BollywoodLife, ‘Both are part of the same friendship group, hence they have common friends and hence attended the same party together.

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