Aren’t you crying because you don’t have a film?; Actress Naina Elsa responds to criticism

Naina Elsa is an actress who made her acting debut with the film ‘June’. Nayana appeared in many films like ‘Maniyarayale Ashokan’ and ‘Ullasam’. Nayana has now spoken openly about the cyber attack on her.

Due to his flirtatious look, he was not given many roles. If you don’t get the role because you didn’t perform well, that’s understandable, but looks are often avoided.

Being rejected because of looks makes you feel bad. So now the weight has been reduced. After this he started doing photoshoots with a bold look. Be it modern or folk characters, we are called to the cinema hall only after seeing our look and hair style.

We cannot play all the roles. That’s why we do photoshoots with different looks. You must have seen that sometimes you get a chance in a film. Recently she did a photoshoot wearing Bollywood style saree and ripped jeans.

But people commented below the photo and wrote, ‘Why don’t you wear clothes because there is no film?’ These are not things that anyone ever wants to hear. He says that he exposes. In the interview given to Nayana Manoramayak, she is not liked by everyone.

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