Are you understanding this actress after seeing Vaikunth Ekadashi? Malayalam audience congratulates the actress who has not forgotten the culture of our country even after coming to the cinema

All the details of the superstar very quickly become the talk of the town among Malayalees. This is because none of us see superstars as actors and actresses acting in movies. Instead we see them as our own people in the home. That is why we adopt all their characteristics as if they were the characteristics of people in our own household.

Now some pictures are going viral on social media. Now some very devotional pictures of an actress are coming to the fore. It is clear from the pictures that the actor is sitting in a temple. It is to be known that the actor is currently participating in the Vaikuntha Ekadashi celebrations.

These pictures have been shared by the actor himself through social media. Not only is the actor quite active on social media, but the actor also comments on all the social, cultural and political issues going on in the country. It is often highly debated and controversial.

Needless to say we are talking about actress Pranitha Subhash. The star is now located in the Vasanth Puram ISKCON temple. Very good comments are coming under the picture. Despite being a film actress, you have not forgotten the culture of your country.

Meanwhile, the actor has recently given birth to a baby girl. The actor shares all the details about the baby with his fans.

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