Are you trying to be like Honey Rose; Comment below Malavika Menon’s photo

Malavika Menon is a star who has worked as an actress and co-actress. After becoming a regular actress, the stars no longer work in supporting roles. But all this changed with the arrival of Malvika. Whatever role the actress gets, she excels in it. The characters played by this actor also got attention. Malvika, who is active on social media, often shares photos of photoshoots. But very lewd comments have come on some of these photos.

Now Malvika has brought pictures during the New Year celebrations. The actress celebrated New Year in Goa. Malvika also attended the New Year’s special sun burn party in Goa.

Malvika has shared pictures of the colorful New Year celebrations on social media. Malvika attended the party wearing a glamorous pink dress, shoes and sunglasses. Malvika also shared pictures of herself enjoying the Sun Burn Party from Carey in the exclusive gallery.

But below this comes the worst kind of comments. One commented that he is trying to be like Honey Rose. But Malvika replies that she is good enough to be herself. And also made some very lewd comments. But many people are coming in favor of the actress.