Are you trying to be a honey rose; Actress Malavika Menon reprimanded critics for her glamorous pictures, the star replied pleadingly – heard the words of the actress?

Malavika Menon is the favorite actress of Malayalam cinema audience. The actor has played many minor and major roles.

She has also worked as heroine and supporting actress. Malavika Menon is one actress who doesn’t shy away from playing any kind of role.

This is where Malavika is also different from those actresses who do not show interest in playing other roles after becoming the heroine of a film.

Malavika has worked with all the superstars of Malayalam. Apart from Malayalam, the actress has also worked in Tamil and Telugu. The star has many fans.

Despite being busy with films, the actor remains quite active on social media. Through this, actors share their pictures and photoshoots.

The actor shared pictures and videos of the celebrations in New Goa on social media. The pictures were snapped by fans of the star and made them viral.

Some people have criticized the actor after the pictures went viral. He was angry with the dress sense of the actor. The actress looked glamorous in a pink dress and attended the New Year party.

Due to this lewd comments were coming towards the actor. In this, the actors give silent answers to some comments.

The first comment was trying to be Honey Rose. Malavika was quick to reply to the comment.

Malvika wrote in response that ‘I like to live like myself.’ , At the same time, there are such comments under the pictures which are ugly.

Nice and good stuff. Comments are like taking a chance or shortening the length of a dress.

But the fans of the star are supporting the star. Ignore the bad comments. Fans say that such people are mentally ill.