Archana poets crying all day long about divorce and mental stress

Archana Kavi is very familiar to Malayalees. Archana Kavi is one such actress who came to the silver screen through Neeltamara. The actor, who took a break from acting after marriage, made a grand comeback with a television series. Now the actor has shared his divorce and mental troubles in an interview.

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After marriage she was in Mumbai. When she came to Delhi to meet her father and mother, the mother took Rosamma to the church. During the Mass, great sadness began to come. It is very sad when a loved one dies. Coming home that day, he cried non-stop for the whole day. At that time I felt that this situation should be ended somehow. My mother took me to the gynaecologist. He said that having a child is the only problem that can be solved. It was then that she realized that she could not go with her husband Abish Mathew. I said that now the child does not need the help of a psychiatrist. This is how PMDD was recognized as a problem and needed medication. It took me almost two years to get myself back. I did not expect to see the old happy Archana back.’- said the actress.

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