Aparna Balamurali Mass or Miscast? Kappa’s Pramila is again in discussion

Aparna Balamurali Mass or Miscast? Kappa’s Pramila is again in discussion

Prithviraj Shaji Kailash’s Kappa released on December 22 last. The audience watched the film with anticipation as Prithviraj and Shaji Kailas reunited after Tiger. And Indu Gopan’s screenplay also raised hopes. The film tells the story of gangsters set in the backdrop of Thiruvananthapuram. Indu Gopan’s own novel Shankhamukhi was adapted into a film.

With the film hitting Netflix on January 19, it is once again in the news. The heroine Pramila played by Aparna Balamurali is being discussed.

Pramila is the wife of the protagonist Kota Madhu, one of the main characters in the film. Pramila is introduced as a strong character right from the beginning of the film. Pramila is one of the main reasons why Kota Madhu is going strong. Premila is also said to be the reason behind Madhu turning into a goon but her backstory is not shown. If there is any crisis on them, Madhu becomes alert.

But some people on social media are asking whether Aparna is capable of playing such a powerful character. Mass Walk in the intro and dialogues drew comments that Aparnak could not elevate the role to perfection. Some also comment that the actor does not have the attitude and dialogue delivery of the meter required for the character.

At the same time, the audience has also praised Aparna’s performance. Some viewers also said that Aparna’s mass exodus was satisfactory.

Prithviraj’s performance in Kotta Madhu is also getting a lot of accolades. Viewers also say that the star’s Thiruvananthapuram slang and swag was a plus point in Kappa.

Content Highlights: Heroine Pramila in Kaapa played by Aparna Balamurali is the talk of the town

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