Anoop Menon to direct again; the film was announced

Anoop Menon is a Malayalam film actor, screenwriter and director. Before becoming active in films, Anoop worked in television. Anup won the Kerala Government Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2008 and the Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay in 2009. Now the good news has come out that the actor is going to direct the film again.

Anoop Menon is directing the film titled ‘Nalapathukarante Bishyinonkari’. Anoop Menon himself is writing the screenplay of the film. Anup Menon will shoot the film in Shillong and Uttarakhand.

The actor also revealed that the shooting of ‘Nalpadukarante Ikkis Vankari’ will begin in April. Meanwhile, it is a film announced as ‘Oru Nalapthukaranthe Bisiyankokari’ directed by VK Prakash. But VK Prakash pulled out of this film. The reason for this is unclear.

The shooting of Anoop Menon’s new film ‘Timingalvetta’ has started recently. The film is directed by Rakesh Gopan. In this film, Anup Menon plays the character of ‘Jayaraman’, a young leader who believes in democracy and dreams big in the political field.

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