Anjali Amir attempted suicide; Actor talks about his video

Anjali Amir is a model, actress and Bigg Boss star. Anjali became more noticed after joining Bigg Boss. But the actor left the show due to health issues. Anjali remains active on social media. Now the actor has come out with a video shared by Anjali the other day stating the same.

In that video, Anjali could be seen crying and clutching something. Anjali had talked about cutting her hair and ending her life. Later Anjali deleted the video. Now Anjali is talking about the same thing. Anjali says it was just a reel video.

My intention was to recreate the things that a normal person does when they feel life is over when their life has a breakup and put together a reel video. But the incident got out of hand. Many people saw the video and misunderstood it, so the video was deleted.

Seeing this, many people thought that I had really tried to commit suicide, the cut was not real hair, but fake hair was used to make the video. Anjali said that after receiving many messages and calls, the video was deleted.


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