Anika’s Aarat, That’s Oh My Darling – How is the picture? Read the honest Malayalam review

Anika is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is debuting in the film as a child artist. The actor has worked as a child artist in several Malayalam Tamil films with many superstars. Oh My Darling was announced as the first female lead film. Another central character in the film is played by Melvin, best known for his films including Joe and Joe. The film has hit the theaters today. What does the picture really look like? Read honest reviews.

In true sense, this film should be called Anika’s Aarat. In this film, the character of Jessie played by Anika has been carried forward like Neyyattinkara Gopan’s character in the film Aarat. What’s more, the film Aarat was basically a comedy, but it was the kind of comedy that gave the audience a headache. But as the film turned serious, it turned into a slapstick comedy for the audience. Almost the same experience is presented in the film Oh My Darling. First half is full of comedy, romance, family scenes and goodness. But the first half was a weird romance and confused in the name of comedy.

The last thing we saw in the movie Aarat was the twist Aarat. That was the end in this movie, twist to twist. The biggest comedy happens when the film stops being a comedy and becomes a series, the audience really gets the comedy. After every dialogue, there used to be laughter in the theatre.

Anagha’s character was found to be the biggest positive and negative of the film. The character of Genie is well played by the actress, but the character construction was so bad that the performance of the actress went in vain. In several scenes, Anikha and Melvin act as if their childhood hasn’t changed. When you see all the other characters in the film, it will be clear that they have tried to build a second home.

Coming to the story of the film- Anika’s character and Melvin’s character are in love. In a sudden moment, Anika’s character becomes pregnant. Then this film also runs on the lines of a Bro Daddy film. But in the end the film turns into a psychological thriller. We have a feeling the film will be going for a home run, climax of the Brother Daddy model. But then again, as mentioned earlier, the twists are the same.

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