And to finally answer that question, do you know who is the mastermind behind this wedding where Dileep and Mirajsmeen appeared together?

Dileep is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. If you ask who is the most popular hero of Malayalam cinema, then Dileep will be the most popular hero from small children to grandparents. It is one of those names that have become a part of the cultural life of the Malayalees. On the other hand, Dilip’s fans always say that Dilip has a big hand in making our childhood beautiful.

Due to some personal issues, Dileep is away from the film industry for some time now, but he is preparing to make a strong comeback. It is being said that the film Bandra will be his big comeback and will break all the records of Malayalam cinema. Uday Krishna has written the screenplay of this film directed by Arun Gopi. At the same time, Tamannaah is the heroine of a Malayalam film for the first time.

Dilip is not very active on social media. He rarely appears on social media at promotional events during the release of his films. Or he shares pictures with his family only on special days like Onam Vishu. This is the reason why it is customary for her fans to sometimes turn all her pictures into one big celebration.

A few days ago a picture of him was seen a lot. A picture of him attending a wedding ceremony was seen on social media. The actor appeared with Mirajasm. Malayalees are still curious to know whose wedding the two attended together. Now that question has been answered. Jenny Susan is Mirajasmin’s sister. Michelle Bijou is his daughter. Now there are reports that it was the marriage of this girl and Dilip had come to attend it. The groom’s name is Bobbin. The reception was held at a private hotel in Kochi. Actors including Dilip participated in it.

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