Amrita and daughter Pappu go on an adventure in the resort, video goes viral

Amrutha Suresh is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is noticed through the television reality show field. Through this program the actor has acquired many fans. Bala was her first husband. He also has a daughter. Daughter’s name is Avantika.

Now the mother-daughter duo is enjoying a vacation in a resort in Coorg. Now a video taken by Amrita from here is going viral. Now the mother-daughter duo are indulging in some adventurous fun. Now Amrita herself has shared the video.

The video begins with the star saying ‘strong mother and daughter’. Not only this, the mother is also giving inspiration to her daughter who is shying away from completing this adventure. Amrita tells her daughter that first you should keep in mind that this work is very easy, but only you can complete it. But when the daughter is scared, the mother encourages her by saying that you are a superstar. Amrita ends the video with a hug.

At the same time, many good comments are coming under the video. Many people have come forward appreciating Amrita’s faith in her daughter. Fans say that all mothers should believe in their children like this, encourage them and give them courage.