Amma has nothing to do with this please remove the pictures – Mohanlal and Evala Babu with request

Celebrity Cricket League is one of the most awaited matches by Malayalees. After many years now its new season has started. This time the Malayalam team is being led by Kunchacko Boban. Superstars including Unni Mukundan are playing for Kerala Strikers this time. At the same time, a new statement has come from the officers of Amma on this issue.

Amma and Mohanlal withdraw from the Celebrity Cricket League. He is the General Secretary of AMMA. The organization has officially announced that the word Amma is being dropped from the original name of the team, Amma Kerala State Course. It is known that the reason for such a decision is the study of the management of the cricket team.

Mohanlal was till now the captain of Don’t Plane. He dropped out of the program. Only after this Mohanlal came to ask not to use his photographs for this work. This season also used Mohanlal’s photographs in the first episode, but was later shelved due to his request.

But Iwala Babu said Mohanlal’s team still has only a small stake. In this case, now Iwala Babu says that the festival which used to be held on elephant earlier is now held on cow. Iwala Babu said that at present the organization has no relation with this team.

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